• SA620135 - Missing Export in the LoadShipTo Handler chain

      There is a bug in one of the Spire handler chains. The "@insite/client-framework/Store/Data/ShipTos/Handlers/LoadShipTo" handler chain is missing the export on the chain constant.The file contains this:const chain = [AddOrUpdateShipTo,DispatchShipTosResetDataViews,UpdateContext,UpdateSession,UpdateCart,LoadCart,DispatchCompleteUpdateShipTo,DispatchSetLastSelectedShipTo,ExecuteOnSuccessCallback,];If the chain is not exported, there is no way for partners to customize this handler chain. Repo...

  • SA598577 - 'Hint text' has unreadable color

    After updating Admin Console to Epi styling - hint text got almost unreadable. In Admin Console - open RestrictionGroups Click 'Create New' View hint text below Name field Reported Version Cloud: 5.0.7 Cause After sync the Admin Console to Epi Styling. Workaround Fixed in version 5.0.9