• Links changing in code view after publish in a multisite environment

    DescriptionIn a 9.00 SP2 staging environment with Site Cumulative Update 29 applied, absolute links to a production URL in a multisite's folder properties changed to corresponding staging URLs. For example: If the link was prod.mytest.com/testing , it changed to stage.mytest.com:801/testing when published.  NOTE: This only affects staging URLs that have a port number affixed.As a result, when content was synched to production, the staging URL remained in the link, but it should have chan...

  • Menus with target of popup opening in a new tab

    DescriptionWhen attempting to create a menu with a target of popup links on a site's front end, links open as a new tab instead of a new window. CauseIf a target is set for an href that has not already been opened, it opens in a new tab, not a new window.ResolutionEngineering has verified that this is how modern browsers function. It may be possible to set up a JavaScript onclick event to enter what options are desired for the link, such as what browser size and toolbars to have opened when ...

  • Object Reference Error When Loading Resource Selector

    DescriptionWhen using a resource selector in a Smartform, you may recieve the following error when adding/editing the selected content or folder itemObject reference not set to an instance of an object.  CauseThe root content folder doesn't have a default template selected. ResolutionIn order to fix the issue, please follow the steps belowNavigate to the root folder in the workarea ("Folders")Edit the folder propertiesIn the template configuration, you may notice either no template...

  • Odd Behavior Using Edit In Context

    DescriptionIn newer versions of Ektron, users sometimes encounter odd editor behavior when using edit in context. This could be anything from slowness, to words not being properly highlighted, to the editor ribbon being placed in an unfriendly position on the page. CauseThis behavior could be caused by the following setting in your web.config:  ResolutionTo resolve the issue: Open your site's web.config file.Find the following entry: .Change the "ek_EditControlWin" value to "Aloha"...

  • Opening a table in Aloha - table and some cell's classes are removed

    DescriptionAfter opening a table in Aloha, table class and some cells' classes are removed. ResolutionThe tags are not included in the exceptions file, /workarea/frameworkUI/js/ektron/controls/ektronUI/editor/aloha/alohaektron.aspx.Add to the exception file tags like the TABLE tag's border and class attributes, scope for the TH tag, class and id for the TD tags, etc. This will prevent them from being removed when the table is saved.

  • Overwriting a DMS Document Deletes Custom Summary Values

    DescriptionWhen overwriting a DMS document, any custom text in the 'summary' field is overwritten. ResolutionAs of Cumulative Site Update #28 for Ektron Version 9.0 sp2, an additional key has been added to the web.config to customize this behavior: Setting this value to 'False' disables Auto-Summary, preserving whatever text is present at time-of-upload.   

  • Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs causes disables the editor if checked when using Chrome.

    DescriptionHaving turned on validation in "warning" mode, users editing pages with accessibility validation failures receive a dialog box as follows:  The page at "Site Name" says:  Your data is not vaild. Continue saving invalid document?  [checkbox] Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues.  OK or Cancel After clicking the check box and clicking OK the editor becomes disabled and the user cannot edit content.  CauseThis issue is specific to the Chrome browser a...

  • Problem with YouTube FullScreen Value

    DescriptionUsing the default YouTube embed code, you aren't able to successfully embed a YouTube video in full screen format. CauseThe way the embed code is set up, it isn't passing HTML validation with the editor. ResolutionFollow the allowfullscreen value in the string with ="true".Example of non-working code from YouTube (under "Share" > "Embed"): Example with change that resolves the problem: This change lets the embed code pass HTML validation within a content block.

  • Removing buttons from the content designer editor

    DescriptionThe old content designer (ewebedit400) editor contains options for removing buttons from the editor.  ResolutionComment out the appropriate tool name from the file in the [SiteRoot]\Workarea\ContentDesigner\configurations directory.For most standard content the StandardEdit.aspx file will be leveraged. The InterfaceBlog.aspx file is leveraged by the CMS when posting a reply to a forum or blogAs an example if you wanted to remove the cut button when editing standard pieced of ...

  • Resource Selector Loads Slowly

    DescriptionWhen editing a smart form that contains a resource selector, the resource selector loads very slowly. ResolutionTo resolve the slowness, edit the ucContentFolderTree.ascx file.Navigate to ~/workarea/contentdesigner/dialogs/ucContentFolderTree.ascx.Create a backup copy of ucContentFolderTree.ascx.Edit ucContentFolderTree.ascx.Navigate to Line 21. You see the following code: Add the following after the "Onclick" event: PageDepth="1". So, the code looks like this: ...

  • Smart Forms - Multi-line Text Field with HTML pre Tags

    DescriptionWhen you enable the Allow multiple lines option for a text field but do not also enable the Allow rich formatting option, the content of that field is wrapped in HTML and tags, which styles the text as a fixed-width font that preserves spaces and line breaks. As a result, you may see that the text in that field does not respect the styling from parent elements such as a table.You can set the option in the Smart Form configuration text field's properties (Workarea > Settings > ...

  • Strong and Emphasis tags are replaced by bold and italic tags

    DescriptionWhen implementing or tags in the rich text field of a smart form using the Aloha editor, the tags are changed to and upon re-editing the content.ResolutionNavigate to this knowledge base article and follow steps 7-10.

  • Switch the Html Cleaner from Tidy to the Html Agility Pack

    Description Some users have experienced issues with the cleanup that is done on Html when published in the workarea. The publishing function cleans html to make sure tags are correct and sometimes strips out formatting that you do not wish. There is a new key in version 9.1 SP1 CU 22+ that allows you to change the default validator. Below are the options available. Resolution Option 1  <add key="HtmlValidator" value="tidy" /> This is the default validator shipped with the produc...

  • Textarea tags converted to script tags in the editor

    DescriptionIn version 8.70 SP2 and 9.00 SP2, you may see an issue in the editor where textarea tags entered into Code view are converted into script tags when you switch to Design view. This KB article shows how to address the issue.  ResolutionGo to Downloads > Version 9 > 9 SP2 > Ektron 9.0.0 SP2 Site Cumulative Update .Update to the latest site cumulative update from the Ektron Portal.

  • The editor's Special Character table does not have close button

    DescriptionIf you select the Insert Special Character icon in the editor, the special characters table appears for you to select a character. There is no GUI way to close this table without inserting a character.   ResolutionYou can do 1 of the following:Press ESC to dismiss the Special Characters table without inserting a character.Insert any character, and then delete the character after the table disappears.

  • To P or not to P: that is the question

    DescriptionTo P or not to P: that is the question ResolutionAt the heart of the matter is the unknown purpose of the content as it is being written. Is it meant to be a single line of formatted text to be inserted in some other paragraph? Or, is it meant to be a paragraph on its own?To , or not to : that is the question:Whether 'tis meant in the mind of authorThe paragraph of outright prose,Or a single line of rich text,And by opposing either of them? To cry: lose sleep;No more; and by ...

  • Using IE10 in metro mode, cannot access eWebEdit400 editor

    DescriptionIf you use Internet Explorer 10 in Metro Mode and your Ektron system hosts the eWebEdit400 editor (aka Content Designer), you don't see the editor where it appears in other browsers. ResolutionIn Internet Explorer, follow this path: IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > Sites.Uncheck Automatically detect intranet networks.Check Include all local (intranet) sites not listed in other zones.

  • Using the Aloha Editor

    Description As part of Ektron's Version 8.6 release, Ektron integrated the Aloha Editor in order to provide cleaner markup, broader browser support (IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), and an open and extensible architecture. Since version 8.6, Ektron has deepened the integration and support for Aloha in the product and Aloha is now the default Editor for Rich Text authoring.   Resolution The Aloha Editor supports the standard mainstream editor functions and is extensible throug...

  • Using the Video Tag with eWebEdit400

    DescriptionUsing eWebEdit400 (also known as Content Designer), if you add a video tag with a controls attribute but do not explicitly define a value for it, an error occurs that prevents you from further editing.Example video tag:  :    Your browser does not support the video tag. CauseeWebEdit400 has XHTML-level validation that ensures all attributes are defined. ResolutionTo pass the validation so you can publish the content and have the video appear on the site, adjust the tag i...

  • Workarea Inspector Tool - Issue with Image Size When Using Constraints

    DescriptionIf you use the image resize option in the advanced tab of the toolbar it does not correctly resize the image based on the proportions of the image. Instead if you change the width dimension of an image 200px for example, it will set both the height and the width to 200px.  ResolutionThis may be resolved in a future release.